Dedicated, freelance audio/video digital editor with a unique blend of self-taught technical skills and a passion for creating compelling visual and auditory experiences | Allow me the opportunity to contribute creativity, technical expertise, and deliver a commitment to excellence in digital editing to you.

Custom Intro for Online Ministry

Audio/Video Editing & Sync

Hollywood-Style Channel Intro

Music Video Remix Snippet

Classic TV Show Theme Remake

Voice-Over with Visuals

Content Intro for Music Producer

Visual Animation for Music Video

Music Video Song Mash-Up

Custom Channel Video Intro

Custom Channel Video Intro II

Custom Channel Video Intro III

Custom Intro for Online Ministry II

Content Creator Collaboration Intro

Biblical Preaching Ministry

Gaming Theme Intro Editing

Car Enthusiast Promo Video

Music Subtitle Lyrics

Biblical Documentary Series

Biblical Documentary Series II

Biblical Documentary Series III

Series Opener Movie Theme

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